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Gerda Taro

Photos In Spanish civil war  ….

Taro was born as “Gerta Pohorylle” into a middle class Jewish family in Stuttgart, Germany, 1910. After moving at the break of Nazi Germany to Leipzig, she was arrested for distributing anti-Nazi propaganda at the age of 23.

Fleeing to Paris the next year, Taro met a photographer named Endre Freidmann. Shortly afterwards, the two began selling news photography under the name of a made-up photojournalist, “Robert Capa”. This was mainly done because of the photographers’ cultural backgrounds, and the political intolerance of buyers at the time.

Their disguise soon fell through, however, but Capa kept the alias for himself while Taro gave herself the name “Gerda Taro”, inspired by the actress Greta Garbo and the Japanese artist Taro Okamoto.

Taro went on to cover the Spanish Civil War in 1936, acquiring the nickname la pequeña rubia, (“the little blonde”) and taking courageous, moving, and artistic photographs.

Tragically, Taro was killed whilst covering the Republican army retreat at the Battle of Brunete, when a tank collided with the truck Taro was on that was carrying wounded soldiers. She was 36.

Taro’s photography, however, lives on, and will always be relevant and striking as an insight into the subjects which she covered.

Taro is regarded as the first female photojournalist to cover the front lines of a war and to die while doing so.


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